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Conditions to rent a car

General conditions for rent a car
The client is asked to read and confirm the acceptance of the contract and the signing of the Car Rental Contract. The contract must fulfill all the conditions stipulated below. The owner reserves the right to refuse the rental of a vehicle without giving explanations.

The client’s age:
The client and the assigned drivers, mentioned in this car rental contract must be at least 21 years old and they must own a valid driver’s license, which is at least one year old..

The payment:
The fees for car rentals are determined in Euro and they include the VAT and the insurance to third parties. The payment is done with the card or in cash in advance, in $, EUR or RON, at the BNR exchange rate on the date of the payment. When the rented car is delivered, a guarantee of 200-500 Euro is charged, depending on the class of the rented car. The guarantee will not be returned to the client, in cases of damages which appear in the exterior or the interior of the rented car (200-500 EUR), if car parts are stolen, if the car’s documents (100 EUR) or keys (150 EUR) are lost, if the coupler is damaged (200-500 EUR). This amount will be returned to the client when the rented car is recovered in good functioning and car body conditions, with all the documents, accessories of the rented car, according to the delivery-reception protocol signed at the delivery of the car.

Fuel and oil:
The fuel is not included in the price and it is the client’s responsibility. The rented car is delivered with a full tank, and it will be recovered as such. When the rented car is recovered, for the missing fuel indicated on-board, the difference is calculated and it is paid by the client at the price of 1.5 Euro/liter. The oil and the maintenance of the rented vehicle are the owner’s responsibility.


Delivery and recovery of the car:

The delivery and the recovery of the rented vehicle is done at the place, date and hour determined by the client and mentioned in the Car Rental Contract, without additional costs or fees within Bucharest. The delivery and the recovery of the rented car may also take place in other locations within the country, with the owner’s approval and on the basis of an agreed price. The rented vehicle will be delivered to the client in good general conditions, without hidden or visible faults, any information regarding the vehicle delivery conditions being made in the contract. The client will return the rented vehicle along with the documents, the accessories and the equipment at the place, date and hour indicated in the Car Rental Contract. In case of announced delays, of up to one hour, no additional fees are charged. When returning the rented vehicle with an announced delay of one to three hours from the hour specified in the Car Rental Contract, an additional fee for half a day of delay will be charged, and in case of delays exceeding 3 hours, an additional fee for a day of rental is charged. When the rental period expires, the present contract becomes null if it was not otherwise agreed. The rented vehicle is declared stolen at the Police station if the delay is not announced.

Using the rented vehicle:

The client undertakes to drive the rented vehicle observing the legal dispositions regarding the traffic on public roads. The vehicle will be driven ONLY on NATIONAL or EUROPEAN roads marked accordingly. It is forbidden to drive the rented vehicle on unmarked back roads, in woods or on forest roads.
- He will always keep the keys and the coupon with him when he is not inside the rented vehicle and he will not give them to another person who is not a party in the car rental contract.
- He will not overload the rented vehicle and he will not use it for transporting goods
- He will not use the rented vehicle in car races, tests, or for pushing or towing other vehicles or trailers
- He will perform repairs on the rented vehicle only at authorized service shops and only with the approval and in accordance with the owner’s instructions, the payment of the performed works being refunded based on the invoice issued in the owner’s name, accompanied by the repair estimate
- He will not leave the car open (doors, windows, luggage compartment) with the keys inside
- He will use the rented vehicle in accordance with the operation instructions of the rented vehicle, issued by its owner.

Insurances for car rentals

The rented vehicle is insured against damages caused by third parties only for the rental period specified in the Rental Contract. The damages made to the rented vehicle, from the client’s fault, or by an unknown author, are insured, except for one amount – the guarantee deposit – which is the client’s responsibility. This amount is specified in the rental contract. In case of an accident, it is mandatory that it should be declared to the Police, who will determine the damages and will issue the Fact Finding Certificate and the Authorization for Repairs. These documents are indispensable for the insurance functioning and the vehicle repair. The Statement to the Police is mandatory in all cases: if you are guilty, if you are guilty but you are not involved, if the responsible party is not identified (for example: damages made in the parking lot while you are not present). Without these documents, the client is responsible for the TOTAL REPAIR costs. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, by the assigned driver calls for the law consequences (The green card insurance is no longer available). If the rented vehicle is not returned in the same conditions as it was delivered, the deposit (200 - 500 Euro) will be retained by the owner, and if the insurance does not indemnify for the damages resulted from the client’s fault, for example (he drove under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other substances), the client is bound to pay the entire cost for the damaged vehicle. After the expiration of the rental period, the client remains responsible for the payment of the fines or of other additional costs which are found subsequently, even if the contract has expired.

Any dispute which may appear in the performance of the present contract will be submitted to the competent law courts of the Bucharest jurisdiction.