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Long term car rentals

To rent a car for a long-term (fleet management) over a period of 30 days, the rental conditions are different. Concerning this kind of rental please contact us for a proper offer.

What if renting a car would cost you less expensive than purchasing it? It would be then better to choose a long-term rental car. This option offers you the possibility to frequently/systematically change the car! But the most important is that you will put aside all the car mechanical troubles and maintenance.

A car purchase is synonymous with money lost; car maintenance is becoming more and more difficult to bear for the owner. It seems that a car purchase is no longer the ideal solution...Actually, the ideal solution would be the long term rent a car through RentNGo!

To buy a car doesn’t mean a good investment; it sounds more like money lost. Concretely a new car loses around 25% of its value with the first kilometers…over a period of 3 years the invested capital could decrease until 50%. And we do not talk about the maintenance expenses…